Mosley Hill Childcare Ltd Pre-School Room

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In our Sunflower room,  our older children (from 3 to 5) are filled with questions and are eager to seek out new learning opportunities.


We are registered for up to 24 children at this age.  We have Spanish Dance and PE sessions once a week carried out by visiting highly trained professional teachers as the children are keen to learn new skills as they get ready for school.  Lots of activities are also free choice and child initiated so we can follow the child's lead in planning future activities.  Adult led activities are also carried out throughout the day with spontaneous and themed discussions and circle time.

This is also the age when we can start introducing letters, phonics, numbers, shape and handwriting, especially their own names. We really focus on learning through play and in whatever interests them.  We focus on introducing academic concepts and refining their social skills.


The activities we provide in our Sunflower room help the children develop their skills.

  • Sticking - lots of brightly coloured paper, sequins, feathers, buttons etc and kid-safe glue,
  • Painting - every child's favourite. We never cease to be amazed at the wonderful creations they make and the fun in their eyes as they explore the texture with their hands and experiment mixing colours
  • Sensory play (rice / flour / sand, lentils, snow etc - this helps our children to understand how different things feel and move,
  • Water play -  we have objects that float and sink and squirt and swim and absorb !
  • Meditation
  • Doh gym
  • Music time - sing-a-long with nursery rimes and musical instruments,
  • Story time -  short stories with role play and acting.
  • Spanish with Pete -  with fun puppets and interactive role play
  • Yoga weekly
  • Diddi dance with Suzi
  • PE sessions
  • Daily open access to the outdoor environment


Learning how to make choices and decisions is an important part of a child's personal and social development and we tend to involve them in deciding what they will do each day.  Their activities are a mixture of what a child chooses to do and what is initiated by us.  At meal times the children become independent and serve themselves portions that they feel comfortable with.


Hygiene is also important and we aim to teach them about the importance of flushing the toilet, washing their hands using soap before meals and after the toilet. They also have their own tooth brushes to brush their teeth after meals.  They are encouraged to use a tissue if needed and these are always easily accessible to them.