Mosley Hill Childcare Ltd Meals and Snacks


At Mossley Hill Childcare we offer our children a variety of well balanced, nutritional set of meals and snacks that are cooked by our dedicated cook on site. Fresh fruit and vegetables are provided daily in wholesome meals that offer children a variety of tastes.  Menus may be viewed and are displayed within the foyer of the nursery.  We have recently received a 5 star rating from the environmental health for our cleanliness and food hygiene awareness.

kids eating at nursery


Allergies and Dietary requirements

We are used to dealing with children's food allergies and all kinds of dietary and religious requirements.  Just let us know and we'll make sure your child's specific requirements are catered for.

We always offer a choice of desert, fresh vegetables and fresh fruit with our lunch and snack daily. 

Meal times

Our meal and snack times are :
Breakfast 8:00am to 9:00am
Lunch 11:00pm
Snack 3:00pm to 3:30pm

Encouraging children to eat

Not all children eat well and we know this can be a worry for many parents.  At Mossley Hill Childcare we make meal times fun and a social affair.  We can all eat at the same time (staff and children) and we help and encourage all the children to try different foods without making a fuss.


We will produce a weekly menu on a 4 weekly rota so you can see what your child will eat before-hand.  We will always make a note on their daily record sheet about what they liked and how much or little they ate.  The menu is displayed daily at the foyer of the nursery. Also displayed is a list of Allergens so you are aware of the contents of our weekly meals that could affect allergies.


For Buttercups and Sunflowers, we have drinking stations where they gradually learn to help themselves by looking for their own photos or names on their water bottles. Drinks provided are milk and water only.