Our Fees

pre school kids at nursery in Liverpool


At Mossley Hill Childcare we do believe that we have the best nurseries in the Liverpool area and offer fantastic value for money. There is special deal for teachers where they can drop to one day a week during summer holidays to keep their place open and not pay unnecessary costs while they are off work.

Also we offer a 10% discount for siblings.  Children accessing the Nursery Education Funding of 30 hours or 15 hours will be asked to pay a standard fee of £5.00 per day session, £3.00 per am session or £2.00 per pm session  to cover other additional nursery costs.

You child will be in loving safe hands and we are sure you will notice the difference between ourselves and other nurseries in the area.

Our fees cover all the drinks and meals cooked and prepared fresh on site, the sessions booked and also additional weekly French, and PE sessions by visiting teachers.

Deposits made to secure a place are NON REFUNDABLE if the place is cancelled.


FROM September 2024


Full Day 10 Hours £54.00
Morning 5 hours £33.00
Afternoon 5 hours £32.00



Full Week                                                           £260.00    
An additional standard daily charge of £5.00 per day, £3.00 per am session and £2.00 per pm session will be charged  for parents accessing the 30 or 15 hour grants.    




Payment of Fees

Fees will still be charged if you child is ill, on holiday or if there is a Bank Holiday. It is not compulsory to swap bank holidays


We require one full calendar months notice to have your deposit refunded if you wish to withdraw from Mossley Hill Childcare. Cash deposits are non refundable if the child fails to take up the place.

Late collections

A fee of £10 for every 15mins after 6 o clock will be levied for late collection of children.