Mosley Hill Childcare Ltd  Nursery Baby Room

childcare in LiverpoolA fun bright and stimulating place. 

The Daisy room at Mossley Hill Childcare is designed especially for fun, stimulation and lots of encouragement and cuddles. It is designed to be bright, colourful and welcoming to encourage our younger children to be playful and inquisitive at each stage of their development.  Of course, there is a big difference between a baby who is 3 months and one who is nearly 2, so we try and make sure that each child's experience is customised around their age and personality so that they have fun and are challenged appropriately.

Babies take part in weekly sessions:

  • Diddi dance with Suzi
  • PE activities planned at their level
  • Yoga sessions
  • Soft play
  • Outdoor Play
  • Sand and water play
  • Messy Play
  • Sensory Play
  • Baking
  • Role play
  • Story time
  • hand eye co-ordinated activities


Staff ratios

We operate a maximum 3:1 ratio in the baby room but each child will always be allocated to one member of staff who will have special responsibility and always be your main point of contact.  They will talk with you about all the fun things that happened and all the daily record sheet entries.  They will discuss your child's progress and anything special that happened during the day.  Feel free to mention anything (big or small) that you want us to look out for and help them with.


We ensure that all of the babies in our care receive the maximum amount one to one interaction with their nominated carer. This allows us to provide them plenty of stimulation through the day with age appropriate toys and activities. The babies also enjoy Yoga sessions and PE sessions once a week with specialist trained peripatetic teachers plus outdoor access daily. They also get engaged in role play, sensory play, messy play, cooking preparation and other curriculum devised activities as well as child initiated play.

Taking a Nap

When our children are tired and need a nap, we have cots and mattress beds for each individual child.  Some however, prefer to sleep in bouncers , their own prams or on soft cushions etc.  Whatever makes them feel comfortable, we work along with if it is at the special request of the carer.  The parent must sign a sleep form for any alternative arrangements for their child's sleep time.  While they are asleep we check on them every 10 minutes.


We would be grateful if you could supply your own nappies to store at nursery in your child's named basket.  We will supply spare disposable nappies should a child run out, and wipes at no extra charge.  However, we ask that you please bring a spare set of clothes in a named bag each day. A big nappy change can sometimes need a new set of clothes and occasionally play times can get messy too, especially the outdoors.